§502-26  Copies of instruments, certificates.  (a)  The registrar, when applied to, shall furnish an attested copy of any instrument or document recorded in the registrar's office, or of any fact appearing upon the registrar's records.  The registrar may also issue nonattested documents or portions of any instrument or document recorded in the registrar's office in photographic, electronic, or electrostatic form.  The registrar may issue certificates of search or encumbrance when personnel is available for the making of the certificate.

     (b)  Within ten days after the end of each week, the registrar shall deliver or forward by mail or electronic transmission, without charge, an image and index of all instruments or documents that have been recorded in the registrar's office during each week relating to land in all the counties, to the county designated to act as a central clearinghouse in a memorandum of understanding agreed upon by the counties.  The central clearinghouse shall deliver the images and index to the other counties without charge.  The index shall include the following for each instrument:

     (1)  Document number;

     (2)  Certificate number;

     (3)  Date of the filing;

     (4)  Type of document;

     (5)  Names of grantor and grantee;

     (6)  Current tax map key number; and

     (7)  Location by island. [CC 1859, §1264; RL 1925, §3142; RL 1935, §5129; RL 1945, §12729; am L 1951, c 141, §1; RL 1955, §343-20; am L 1966, c 26, §4; HRS §502-26; gen ch 1985; am L 1993, c 141, §4; am L 2009, c 57, §2 and c 102, §2(15)]