§502-21  Recording of plans unlawful.  It shall not be lawful for the registrar to accept for record any plan of land, whether attached to, made a part of, or independent of, any deed, certified copy of judgment of condemnation, or other instrument; to the end and purpose that there shall be no plans recorded in the record books, but in substitution therefor there shall be a single method of filing plans in the archives of the bureau of conveyances; provided that where sketches, blueprints, or plans of land of a size not larger than 8 1/2 inches by 14 inches which legibly reproduces under photographic, electronic, or electrostatic methods are attached to instruments and made a part thereof by reference to the same in the instrument, the registrar may record the same in the record books by means of the photographic recorder, on payment of the fee as provided in section 502-25. [L 1905, c 23, §4; am L 1909, c 49, §1; RL 1925, §3137; am L 1931, c 63, §5; RL 1935, §5124; RL 1945, §12724; RL 1955, §343-15; am L 1966, c 26, §3; HRS §502-21; am L 2009, c 102, §2(13)]