§502-20  New maps for old.  The registrar at such times when the original tracings of filed plans and land court maps on file in the bureau of conveyances, are found to be in such condition that satisfactory blueprint copies thereof cannot be made, shall forward any such map or plan to the department of accounting and general services of the State, with the request that another tracing thereof be made.  The department, on receipt of the request and map or plan, shall prepare another tracing thereof, and shall certify that same is a true copy of the original on file in the bureau of conveyances, and shall file the same, together with two certified blueprint copies, with the registrar.  Any such certified tracing of a map or plan shall thereafter be regarded for all purposes as the original. [L 1927, c 167, §§1, 2, 3; RL 1935, §5123; RL 1945, §12723; RL 1955, §343-14; am L Sp 1959 2d, c 1, §12; HRS §502-20]