§502-15  Annual indexes.  The registrar shall within the first six months of each year, or within such further time during the year as the registrar may think proper, cause to be made by competent persons, copies of the indexes to the instruments recorded in the bureau of conveyances during the preceding year, in which copies the grantors and grantees shall be classified by their respective surnames in alphabetical order, and arranged under such surnames in the order in which the deeds and other conveyances to which they refer were left for record.  The registrar may also cause the Christian or given names of grantors and grantees, as well as their surnames to be arranged in alphabetical order in such lists.

     The registrar shall cause to be made a reclassification and consolidation of the yearly indexes as the convenience of the registrar may permit.  The registrar may also cause copies of the indexes or new indexes to the records existing in the registrar's office to be made by some competent person as conditions may require. [L 1905, c 4, §6; RL 1925, §3132; RL 1935, §5118; RL 1945, §12718; am L 1955, c 135, §1; RL 1955, §343-9; am imp L 1967, c 6, §1; HRS §502-15; gen ch 1985]