Sections 502-11 to 502-27 designated as Part III and part heading amended by L 2009, c 102, §2(4).


     §502-11  Entry record.  The registrar shall make and keep in a form and manner as is prescribed by the board of land and natural resources a permanent record of the receipt of every:

     (1)  Deed and instrument left for record;

     (2)  Copy left as a caution;

     (3)  Plan filed; and

     (4)  Plan of the parcel or parcels of land deregistered pursuant to section 501-261.5;

provided that the registrar shall note on the record, in addition to a description sufficient to identify the document and the date and time of its receipt, any other facts as prescribed by the board of land and natural resources.  Every document shall be considered as recorded at the time so noted. [L 1905, c 4, §1; RL 1925, §3127; RL 1935, §5113; RL 1945, §12713; RL 1955, §343-4; am L 1963, c 107, §2; HRS §502-11; am L 2021, c 187, §3]