Part I.  Registrar, Deputy


    502-1 Registrar; appointment; tenure; salary

    502-2 Repealed

    502-3 Deputy registrar, appointment, duties

    502-4 Rules


        Part II.  General Provisions

    502-7 Definitions

    502-8 Bureau of conveyances special fund


        Part III.  Indexing of Records

   502-11 Entry record

   502-12 Indexes

   502-13 Names of parties indexed

   502-14 Entries where one transfers another's real estate; in

          partition cases

   502-15 Annual indexes

   502-16 Decennial indexes

   502-17 Filing of; data on plans; monuments; metes and bounds


   502-18 Description; lot subdivisions

   502-19 Plans on tracing cloth; size; scale

   502-20 New maps for old

   502-21 Recording of plans unlawful

   502-22 Copies of plans furnished by registrar

   502-23 Sale or lease by reference to lots or blocks without

          filing of plans; penalty

   502-24 Report of violations

   502-25 Fees

   502-26 Copies of instruments, certificates

   502-27 Charges


        Part IV.  Recording

   502-31 Recording, method

 502-31.5 Reference in other sections

   502-32 Instrument recorded as of time of delivery; office


   502-33 Identification of reference to registration of


   502-34 Grantee's address in deed


        Part V.  Acknowledgments; Proof of Instruments

   502-41 Certificate of acknowledgment; natural persons,


   502-42 Certificate, contents

   502-43 Form when person unknown

   502-44 Married women

   502-45 Acknowledgments without the State

   502-46 Same; certificate of authority of officer

   502-47 Acknowledgment without the United States; by members

          of the armed forces; recordation where no official

          authorized to take proof

   502-48 Identification of person making

   502-49 Certificate of officer, or judge, necessary

   502-50 How made; proof if not made

   502-51 Exemption of instruments offered on behalf of United


   502-52 Signatures of certain state officers, acknowledgments

          not required

   502-53 No certificate of acknowledgment contrary hereto valid

          in court or entitled to be recorded; exception

   502-54 Penalty for false certificate


        Part VI.  Interlineations, Erasures, Etc.

   502-61 Changes noted in instrument

   502-62 Penalty for not noting changes

   502-63 Not recorded unless initialed

   502-64 Repealed


        Part VII.  Records of Acknowledgments

   502-71 Record of acknowledgments to be kept

   502-72 Disposition of records

   502-73 Same, open to inspection

   502-74 Penalty for not keeping


        Part VIII.  Requirement and Effect of Acknowledging,

                    Recording, Not Recording

   502-81 Instruments may be recorded; as evidence

   502-82 Record or copy as evidence

   502-83 Effect of not recording deeds, leases, etc.

   502-84 Powers of attorney, etc.

   502-85 Agreements of sale; priority


        Part IX.  Prior Records

   502-91 Old records

   502-92 Copies of old records

   502-93 Retyping judgment registers

   502-94 Translation of Hawaiian documents, recording

   502-95 Validation of defective certificates


        Part X.  Veterans Certificates

  502-101 Veterans certificates


        Part XI.  Other Provisions

  502-111 Family child care homes; permitted uses in

          residential areas

  502-112 Prohibition of transfer fees


        Part XII.  Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act

  502-121 Definitions

  502-122 Electronic document and electronic signature; validity

  502-123 Recording of documents

  502-124 Uniformity of application and construction

  502-125 Relation to federal Electronic Signatures in Global and

          National Commerce Act


Cross References


  Nonconsensual common law liens, see chapter 507D.


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