§501-201  Service of notice after registration; how made; effect.  All notices required by or given in pursuance of this chapter by the registrar or any assistant registrar after original registration, shall be sent by mail to the person to be notified at the person's residence and post office address as stated in the certificate of title or in any registered instrument under which the person claims an interest.

     All notices and citations directed by special order of the court under this chapter, after original registration, may be served in the manner above stated, and the certificate of the registrar or assistant registrar shall be conclusive proof of service.  The court may in any case order different or further service by publication or otherwise. [L 1903, c 56, §109; RL 1925, §3299; RL 1935, §5097; RL 1945, §12697; RL 1955, §342-97; HRS §501-201; gen ch 1985]


Case Notes


  Right to notice of application for subdivision order, raised but not decided.  37 H. 260 (1945).