§501-138  Discharge or modification of liens to be recorded.  Attachments on mesne process and liens of every description upon registered land shall be continued, reduced, discharged, and dissolved by any method sufficient in law to continue, reduce, discharge, or dissolve like liens on unregistered land.  All certificates or other instruments which are permitted or required by law to be recorded in the bureau of conveyances to give effect to the continuance, reduction, discharge, or dissolution of attachments or other liens upon unregistered lands, or to give notice of such continuance, reduction, discharge, or dissolution, shall in the case of like liens upon registered land be filed and registered with the assistant registrar. [L 1903, c 56, §73; RL 1925, §3262; RL 1935, §5071; RL 1945, §12671; RL 1955, §342-71; HRS §501-138]


Rules of Court


  Discharge or modification of liens, see RLC rule 63.


Case Notes


  Removing of encumbrance.  32 H. 680 (1933).