§501-131  Transfer in trust; procedure.  Whenever a deed or other instrument is filed or recorded for the purpose of transferring registered land in trust, or upon any equitable condition or limitation expressed therein, or for the purpose of creating or declaring a trust or other equitable interest in land without transfer, the particulars of the trust, condition, limitation, or other equitable interest shall not be entered on the certificate; but a memorandum thereon shall be entered by the words "in trust", or "upon condition", or other apt words, and by a reference by number to the instrument authorizing or creating the same.  The assistant registrar shall note upon the original instrument creating or declaring the trust or other equitable interest a reference by number of the certificate of title to which it relates.  If the instrument creating or declaring a trust or other equitable interest is already recorded in the bureau of conveyances or admitted to probate, or any order of a federal court creating or declaring a trust in real property has been made, a certified copy may be filed or recorded by the assistant registrar and registered. [L 1903, c 56, §65; RL 1925, §3254; RL 1935, §5064; RL 1945, §12664; RL 1955, §342-64; HRS §501-131; am L 1986, c 246, §11; am L 1988, c 346, §13]


Rules of Court


  Transfer in trust, see RLC rule 61.