§501-89  Indexes, record books, etc.  The registrar, under the direction of the court, shall make and keep indexes of all applications and of all decrees of registration, and shall also index and classify all papers and instruments filed in the registrar's office relating to applications and to registered titles.  The registrar shall also, under the direction of the court, cause forms of indexes and registration and entry books to be prepared for the use of the assistant registrar in the bureau of conveyances.

     The court shall prepare and adopt convenient forms of certificates of title, and shall also adopt general forms of memoranda to be used by the assistant registrar in registering the common forms of conveyance, and other instruments, to express briefly their effect. [L 1903, c 56, §49; RL 1925, §3238; RL 1935, §5048; RL 1945, §12648; RL 1955, §342-49; HRS §501-89; gen ch 1985]