§501-75  Transcription of decree in registry; certificate of title.  Immediately upon the entry of the decree of registration the registrar shall send a certified copy thereof, under the seal of the court, to the assistant registrar in the bureau of conveyances, who shall transcribe the decree in a book to be called the registration book, in which a leaf or leaves in consecutive order shall be devoted exclusively to each title.  The entry made by the assistant registrar in this book in each case shall be the original certificate of title, and shall be signed by the assistant registrar and sealed with the seal of the court.  All certificates of title shall be numbered consecutively, beginning with number one.

     The certified copy of the decree of registration shall be filed and numbered by the assistant registrar with a reference noted on it to the place of record of the original certificate of title.  When several parcels of land which are not contiguous have been registered under one application as permitted by section 501-25, the decree of registration shall expressly state that the assistant registrar, after entering the decree in the registration book, may cancel the original certificate of title and issue in place thereof a separate transfer certificate of title for each parcel so registered. [L 1903, c 56, §41; RL 1925, §3231; am L 1931, c 242, §1; RL 1935, §5039; RL 1945, §12639; RL 1955, §342-40; HRS §501-75; am L 1972, c 91, §1(o); gen ch 1985; am L 1988, c 346, §3]


Rules of Court


  Record of disposition, see RLC rule 54.

  Transcription of decree, see RLC rule 55.