§501-45  Answer intervention; surveyor to be heard when.  Any person claiming an interest, whether named in the notice or not, may appear and file an answer on or before the return day, or within such further time as may be allowed by the court.  The answer shall state all objections to the application; shall set forth the interest claimed by the party filing the same; and shall be signed and sworn to by the party or by some person in the party's behalf.  The department of accounting and general services or the county surveyor may appear in any case and be heard upon the facts pertaining to the accuracy of the location or survey, according to the rules of court. [L 1903, c 56, §34; RL 1925, §3223; RL 1935, §5028; RL 1945, §12628; RL 1955, §342-29; am L Sp 1959 2d, c 1, §12; HRS §501-45; am L 1972, c 91, §1(i); gen ch 1985]