§501-31  Transfers pending application; temporary record; final record.  After the filing of an application, and before registration, the land therein described may be dealt with and instruments relating thereto shall be recorded and indexed by the registrar of conveyances in the usual manner and also entered in the index of applications; provided that such instruments shall state that application to register the land is pending and shall state the application number.  A certified copy thereof shall be filed with the application.  When any such instrument purports to convey the whole or any interest in the land, the original instrument, with the original signature, after recording shall be sent to the land court and filed with the application, whereupon the certified copy may be withdrawn.

     As soon as an application is disposed of, the registrar shall make a memorandum stating the disposition of the case and shall send the same to the assistant registrar, who shall record and index it with the records of deeds in the bureau of conveyances, and in the index of applications.  If the proceedings upon the application end in a decree of registration of title the land included therein shall, as soon as the decree is transcribed, as provided in section 501-75, become registered land.  Thereafter no deeds or other instruments relating solely to such land shall be recorded with the records of deeds, but shall be registered in the registration book and filed or recorded and indexed with the records and documents relating to registered land. [L 1903, c 56, §29; RL 1925, §3218; am L 1927, c 258, §5; RL 1935, §5022; RL 1945, §12622; RL 1955, §342-23; HRS §501-31; am L 1986, c 246, §3; am L 1995, c 22, §3]


Rules of Court


  Record of disposition, see RLC rule 54.