§501-26  Amendments to application.  Amendments to the application, including joinder, substitution, or discontinuing as to parties, shall be allowed by the court at any time upon terms that are just and reasonable.  All amendments shall be in writing, signed, and sworn to, like the original.

     The court may at any time order an application to be amended by striking out one or more of the parcels or by a severance of the application. [L 1903, c 56, §23, pt of §24; RL 1925, §3212, pt of §3213; RL 1935, §5017; RL 1945, §12617; RL 1955, §342-18; HRS §501-26]


Rules of Court


  Amendments to application, see RLC rule 6.


Case Notes


  Petition should not be denied in toto because of adverse claim to a portion; denial should be without prejudice to registration of the remainder.  19 H. 334 (1909).

  This section sanctions amendment to show applicant a trustee for another, and intervention of the equitable owner.  33 H. 364, 368 (1935).