501 Land Court Registration

   502 Bureau of Conveyances; Recording

  502C Family Child Care Homes

   503 Commissioners of Deeds--Repealed

  503B Time Share Commissioners of Deeds

   504 Federal Judgment Registration

   505 Uniform Federal Tax Lien Registration Act (Modified)

   506 Mortgages of Real Property or Fixtures

   507 Liens

  507D Nonconsensual Common Law Liens and Frivolous Financing


   508 Uniform Vendor and Purchaser Risk Act

  508C Uniform Environmental Covenants Act

  508D Mandatory Seller Disclosures in Real Estate Transactions

   509 Conveyances to Two or More

   510 Community Property

   511 War Emergency Agency--Repealed

   512 Release of Powers

   513 Property Rights--Labor Organizations

   514 Horizontal Property Regimes--Repealed

  514A Condominium Property Regimes--Repealed

  514B Condominiums

  514C Lease to Fee Conversions for Condominiums and Cooperative

       Housing Corporations

  514E Time Sharing Plans

   515 Discrimination in Real Property Transactions

   516 Residential Leaseholds

  516D Residential Leasehold Condominiums and Cooperatives

   517 Disposition of Trust Real Property

  517D Uniform Management of Institutional Funds Act--Repealed

  517E Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act

   518 Covenants in Leases

   519 Real Property Leases

   520 Landowners' Liability

  520A Landowner's Liability for Access to Control Invasive


   521 Residential Landlord-Tenant Code

   522 Uniform Disclaimer of Property Interests Act--Repealed

   523 Revised Uniform Disposition of Unclaimed Property


  523A Unclaimed Property

   524 Facilities for Elders

   525 Uniform Statutory Rule Against Perpetuities

   526 Uniform Disclaimer of Property Interests Act

   527 Uniform Real Property Transfer on Death Act





        Part I.  General Provisions

        Land Court; Personnel


      501-1 Court; jurisdiction; proceedings; location; rules,

            practice, etc.

      501-2 Judges; assignment of cases

      501-3 Sessions

      501-4 Process

      501-5 Repealed

      501-6 Registrar and assistants; appointment, tenure,

            powers, and duties

      501-7 Registrar; powers, duties

      501-8 Registrar may act in any circuit

      501-9 Assistant registrars; powers

     501-10 Registrar and assistants; oath, accounts, absence

     501-11 Examiners of title; appointment, removal

     501-12 Salaries and expenses

     501-13 Validity of facsimile signature


        Commencement of Land Registration Procedure

     501-20 Definitions

   501-20.5 Rules

     501-21 Registration application; by whom made

     501-22 Filing; memorandum to be recorded

     501-23 Application, form, and contents

   501-23.5 Disposition of fees received at the bureau of


     501-24 Agent for nonresident

     501-25 Application may include several parcels

     501-26 Amendments to application

     501-27 Land bounded on way

     501-28 Plans and muniments

     501-29 Land subject to mortgage or lease

     501-30 Additional facts

     501-31 Transfers pending application; temporary record;

           final record

     501-32 Reference to examiner; report; election to proceed

     501-33 Accretion to land


        Notice after Report

     501-41 Notice of application

     501-42 Service; return day; further notice

     501-43 Guardian ad litem; compensation

     501-44 Contests not otherwise represented; duty of attorney

            general; res adjudicata when

     501-45 Answer intervention; surveyor to be heard when

     501-46 Default; effect


        Hearings and Powers

     501-51 Reference to other judges or to master; maps,

            reference; subdivision; costs; etc.

     501-52 Powers of the court

     501-53 Dismissal; effect; withdrawal, conditions


        Review of Decisions and Decrees

     501-61 to 63 Repealed

     501-64 Enforcement of decrees; bailiff



     501-71 Decree of registration; conditional when; quieting

            title, exceptions; reopened when

     501-72 Types of nonabsolute title

     501-73 Removing clouds on title

     501-74 Decree, contents of

     501-75 Transcription of decree in registry; certificate of



        Legal Incidents of Registered Land

     501-81 Legal incidents of registered land

     501-82 Tenure of holder of certificate of title

     501-83 Certificate effective from transcription

   501-83.5 Outstanding owner's duplicate certificates

     501-84 Certificates, when two or more owners

     501-85 Substitution, one certificate for several, several

            for one; subdivisions, maps

     501-86 Registration runs with land

     501-87 No adverse possession or prescription

     501-88 Certificate as evidence

     501-89 Indexes, record books, etc.


        Voluntary Dealing with Land after Original Registration

    501-101 Voluntary dealing with registered lands

  501-101.5 Agreements of sale; priority

    501-102 Filing liens, etc., notice

    501-103 Conveyances of less than fee simple

    501-104 Reference of doubtful questions

    501-105 Grantee's address, etc., to be stated

    501-106 Entry of new certificate

    501-107 Entry record; duplicates and certified copies

    501-108 Conveyance of fee; procedure

    501-109 Portion of registered fee

    501-110 Statement of encumbrances



    501-116 Mortgage registration necessary

    501-117 Procedure

    501-118 Foreclosure



    501-121 Leases; registration required



    501-131 Transfer in trust; procedure

    501-132 Powers to be noted on certificate; construction for


   501-133 New trustee

    501-134 Trusts, implied or constructive

    501-135 Application by trustee

    501-136 Attachment and other liens; filing or recording of

    501-137 Repealed

    501-138 Discharge or modification of liens to be recorded

    501-139 Assistant registrar as official recorder

    501-140 Indorsement of and notices to plaintiff's attorney

    501-141 Court orders to be recorded

    501-142 Mechanic's lien

    501-143 Enforcement of lien

    501-144 New certificate after enforcement of lien; tax sale


        Pending Actions; Judgments and Partitions; Recording

    501-151 Pending actions, judgments; recording of, notice

    501-152 Certificate of judgment for defendant

    501-153 Certificate of judgment for plaintiff

    501-154 Writ of possession, service, time limit for


    501-155 Judgment directing conveyance

    501-156 Partition

    501-157 Reregistration of mortgage or lease after partition

    501-158 Notice of bankruptcy proceedings

    501-159 Decree of discharge


        Eminent Domain; Recording

    501-166 Eminent domain; recording procedure

    501-167 New certificate upon reverter of land


        Descent and Devise

    501-171 Registration upon transfer by descent and devise

    501-172 License to sell or mortgage, not affected

    501-173 Purchaser acquiring title through personal

            representative may have the same registered

    501-174 Power of attorney; registration necessary


        Lost Duplicate Certificates

    501-181 Repealed


        Adverse Claims after Original Registration

    501-186 Registration of adverse claims; notice; hearing;



        Compelling Surrender of Duplicate Certificate

    501-191 Repealed


        Amendment and Alteration of Certificate of Title

    501-196 Alterations upon registration book prohibited

            when; court hearings; limitations


        Service of Notice after Registration

    501-201 Service of notice after registration; how made;



        Fees and Actions for Recovery of Loss

    501-211 Fees required for protection against loss or damage

    501-212 Actions for compensation for fraud, mistake, etc.

    501-213 Action, parties defendant

    501-214 Judgments, how satisfied

    501-215 Subrogation in favor of State

    501-216 State, not liable when

    501-217 Limitation of actions

    501-218 Schedule of fees; authority to amend

    501-219 Sale of land court maps



    501-221 Repealed


        Miscellaneous Provisions

    501-231 Family child care homes; permitted use in

            Residential areas

    501-232 Prohibition of transfer fees


        Leasehold Time Share Interests

    501-241 Leasehold time share interests

    501-242 Status of leasehold time share interest as real


    501-243 Dual recording involving leasehold time share


    501-244 Assignment of leasehold time share interest

    501-245 Reference to recorded instruments pertaining to

            leasehold time share interests

    501-246 Legal incidents of a leasehold time share interest

    501-247 Voluntary dealing with a leasehold time share


    501-248 Jurisdiction for matters pertaining to leasehold

            time share interests


        Part II.  Deregistration

    501-261 Deregistration of fee time share interests

  501-261.5 Deregistration of registered land other than

            fee time share interests

    501-262 Effect of deregistration

    501-263 Effect of deregistration in specific cases

    501-264 Chain of title of deregistered land

    501-265 Status of fee time share interest and other interest

            in deregistered land as real property

    501-266 Dual recording involving deregistered land

    501-267 Reference to prior recorded instrument

    501-268 Legal incidents of deregistered land

    501-269 Jurisdiction for matters pertaining to deregistered





  $5 transaction fee; repealed on effective date of administrative rules that address the establishment of transaction fees for recordings.  L 2009, c 120, §§16, 21.


Cross References


  Nonconsensual common law liens, see chapter 507D.


Rules of Court


  See Rules of the Land Court; applicability of Hawaii Rules of Civil Procedure, see HRCP rule 81(b)(1), (d), (f), (g), (h).


Law Journals and Reviews


  Constructive Trust:  An Equitable Doctrine for Protecting and Establishing Legal Interests in Real Property.  II HBJ, no. 13, at 121 (1998).


Case Notes


  Act 73, L 2003, by declaring accreted land to be "public land" and prohibiting littoral owners from registering existing accretion under this chapter and/or quieting title under chapter 669, permanently divested a littoral owner of his or her ownership rights to any existing accretions to oceanfront property that were unregistered or unrecorded as of the effective date of Act 73 or for which no application for registration or petition to quiet title was pending; thus, Act 73 effectuated a permanent taking of such accreted lands without just compensation in violation of article I, §20 of the Hawaii constitution.  122 H. 34 (App.), 222 P.3d 441 (2009).

  Act 73, L 2003, by declaring accreted land to be "public land" and prohibiting littoral owners from registering future accretion under this chapter and/or quieting title under chapter 669, did not effectuate a taking of future accreted lands without just compensation in violation of article I, §20 of the Hawaii constitution where plaintiffs had no vested right to future accretions to their oceanfront land that may never materialize.  122 H. 34 (App.), 222 P.3d 441 (2009).