[§489P-5]  Persons not required to place security freeze.  The requirement under this chapter to place a security freeze on a credit report shall not apply to:

     (1)  A check services or fraud prevention services company that reports on incidents of fraud or issues authorizations for the purpose of approving or processing negotiable instruments, electronic fund transfers, or similar methods of payment;

     (2)  A deposit account information service company that issues reports regarding account closures due to fraud, substantial overdrafts, ATM abuse, or similar negative information regarding a consumer to inquiring banks or other financial institutions for use only in reviewing a consumer request for a deposit account at the inquiring bank or financial institution;

     (3)  A consumer reporting agency that:

          (A)  Acts only to resell credit information by assembling and merging information contained in a database of one or more consumer reporting agencies; and

          (B)  Does not maintain a permanent database of credit information from which new credit reports are produced. [L 2006, c 138, pt of §1]



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