489E-1 Short title

   489E-2 Definitions

   489E-3 Scope

   489E-4 Prospective application

   489E-5 Use of electronic records and electronic signatures;

          variation by agreement

   489E-6 Construction and application

   489E-7 Legal recognition of electronic records, electronic

          signatures, and electronic contracts

   489E-8 Provision of information in writing; presentation of


   489E-9 Attribution and effect of electronic record and

          electronic signature

  489E-10 Effect of change or error

  489E-11 Notarization, certification, acknowledgment, and


  489E-12 Retention of electronic records; originals

  489E-13 Admissibility in evidence

  489E-14 Automated transaction

  489E-15 Time and place of sending and receipt

  489E-16 Transferable records

  489E-17 Creation and retention of electronic records and

          conversion of written records by governmental agencies

  489E-18 Acceptance and distribution of electronic records by

          governmental agencies

  489E-19 Interoperability


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  Navigating the E-Sign Nebula:  Federal Recognition of Electronic Signatures and Impact on State Law.  24 UH L. Rev. 309.