[487-1] Legislative intent. The public health, welfare and interest require a strong and effective consumer protection program to protect the interests of both the consumer public and the legitimate business person. Toward this end, a permanent office of consumer protection is created to coordinate the services offered to the consumer by various state and county agencies, together with private organizations, and to aid in the development of preventive and remedial programs affecting the interest of the consumer public. [L 1969, c 175, 1; gen ch 1993]


Case Notes


A duty of care may be established by statute if a legislative enactment lays down requirements of conduct, and provides expressly or by implication that a violation shall entail civil liability in tort; as this section states the purpose behind the creation of an office of consumer protection but does not provide any standard governing conduct or any provision which prescribes a duty, this section does not create nor is indicative of a standard of care in a claim for negligence. 128 H. 423, 290 P.3d 493 (2012).



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