487-1 Legislative intent

    487-2 Office of consumer protection; director

    487-3 Personnel

    487-4 Salaries and duties of executive director; benefits

    487-5 General functions, powers, and duties

    487-6 Consumer advisory council

    487-7 Cooperation with office of consumer protection

    487-8 Powers and duties of other departments and agencies

    487-9 Investigations

   487-10 Investigators, appointment and powers

   487-11 Repealed

   487-12 Assurance of voluntary compliance

   487-13 Unlicensed acts; penalties

   487-14 Restitution

   487-15 Injunction

   487-16 Appointment of receiver; powers; limitation


Cross References


  Lease-purchase agreements for personal property, see chapter 481M.

  Mandatory seller disclosures in real estate transactions, see chapter 508D.

  Service contracts, see chapter 481X.