486K-1 Definitions

   486K-2 Hotelkeeper's lien on baggage, etc., of guests;

          summary ejectment of delinquents

   486K-3 Sale of detained baggage; notice; disposition of


   486K-4 Safe or security box for valuables; limitation of

          liability for deposited valuables

   486K-5 Hotelkeeper's liability for personal property

 486K-5.5 Hotelkeeper's liability limited for certain beach

          and ocean activities

 486K-5.6 Hotelkeeper's liability for provision of certain

          recreational equipment

   486K-6 Hotelkeeper's liability in case of fire, etc.

   486K-7 Posting copy of law; damages recoverable by guests

   486K-8 Extension of stay provision

   486K-9 Valuation of property

  486K-10 Registration required


Cross References


  Condominium hotels, see §467-30.

  Food and beverage service charge disclosure, see §481B-14.

  Hotel requirements, see §§445-90 to 96.

  Tour activity providers and activity desks, see chapter 468M.