486H-1 Definitions

486H-2 Wrongful or illegal termination; unreasonable

nonrenewal; damages; defenses

486H-3 Notice of termination, cancellation, or nonrenewal

486H-4 Wrongful termination, cancellation, or nonrenewal;

exception to actions

486H-5 Gasoline dealer's rights

486H-6 Petroleum distributor's penalty; collection

486H-7 Right to sue

486H-8 Disposition of inventory

486H-9 Rights of dealer family member

486H-10 Repealed

486H-10.4 Restrictions on manufacturers or jobbers in operating

service stations; lease rent controls

486H-10.5 Violation; penalties

486H-11 Enforcement of prohibition

486H-12 Preemption by federal law

486H-13 Maximum pre-tax wholesale price for the sale of

gasoline; civil actions

486H-14, 15 Repealed

486H-16 Adjustments

486H-17 Restricting supply of petroleum products


Cross References


Environmental response tax, see 243-3.5.

Unfair trade practices by petroleum industry, see chapter 486B.


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