[486-118] Misbranding. (a) No person shall deliver for introduction, hold for introduction or introduce into the State; or keep, offer, or expose for sale; or sell any consumer commodity which is misrepresented or misbranded in any manner.

(b) The board, pursuant to section 486-7 and chapter 91, shall adopt rules relating to misbranding. The rules may:

(1) Require any person involved in the manufacture, processing, production, assembly, fabrication, or importation of a specified consumer commodity to keep and make available for inspection or copying by the administrator adequate records to substantiate the source of the consumer commodity, or in the case of blends, the source of such constituents, as may be required by the board;

(2) Establish fanciful names or terms, and in the case of blends, minimum constituent content by weight, to be used in labeling to differentiate a specific consumer commodity from an imitation or look-alike; and

(3) Establish requirements to reconcile the respective volumes of specific consumer commodities received versus the total amounts output, either as whole or processed product or as blends.

In addition, the board may adopt other rules as it deems necessary for the correct and informative labeling of consumer commodities. [L 1991, c 153, pt of 6]


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Trademarks, unlawful use, see chapter 482.


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