[485A-607] Administrative files and opinions. (a) The commissioner shall maintain, or designate a person to maintain, a register of applications for registration of securities; registration statements; notice filings; applications for registration of broker-dealers, agents, investment advisers, and investment adviser representatives; notice filings by federal covered investment advisers that are or have been effective under this chapter or the predecessor act; notices of claims of exemption from registration or notice filing requirements contained in a record; orders issued under this chapter or the predecessor act; and interpretative opinions or no action determinations issued under this chapter.

(b) The commissioner shall make all rules, forms, interpretative opinions, and orders available to the public in accordance with chapter 92F.

(c) The commissioner shall furnish a copy of a record that is a public record or a certification that the public record does not exist to a person that so requests in accordance with chapter 92F. A copy of the record certified or a certificate by the commissioner of a record's nonexistence is prima facie evidence of a record or its nonexistence. [L 2006, c 229, pt of 1]


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