[485A-604.5] Additional administrative penalties for securities violations committed against elders. If a person commits a violation under this chapter and the violation is directed toward, targets, or is committed against a person who at the time of the violation is sixty-two years of age or older, the commissioner, in addition to any other administrative penalty, may impose an administrative penalty not to exceed $50,000 for each violation; provided that this section shall not apply to registered broker-dealers for violations of [section] 485A-412(d)(9). [L 2007, c 95, pt of 2]


Cross References


Some other actions or penalties for violations committed against elders, see 28-94, 412:3-114.5, 444-10.7, 454-4.5, 480-13, 480-13.5, 485A-603.5, and 487-14.


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