483-1 Definitions; limitations of law

    483-2 Co-obligor not discharged when

    483-3 Crediting of payments made to obligee

    483-4 Effect of obligee's release to one or more

    483-5 Effect of knowledge of obligee in making release

    483-6 Executor or administrator of joint obligor bound


Case Notes


  Based on the facts and issues raised in plaintiff’s complaint, the nature of the grievance and the relief sought, where the essential character of the underlying action was one of equitable contribution under this section and was not an action in the nature of assumpsit under §607-14, the circuit court abused its discretion in awarding attorney’s fees and costs to defendants under §607-14.  128 H. 366 (App.), 289 P.3d 1002 (2012).

  A guarantor is not a co-obligor or a joint and/or several obligor with the principal obligor; thus, guarantor and ex-husband were not co-obligors or joint and/or several obligors under this chapter.  93 H. 142 (App.), 997 P.2d 68.