482P-1 Definitions

482P-2 Property right in use of name, voice, signature,

or likeness

482P-3 Transfer, assignment, and license

482P-4 Right is exclusive for individuals and personalities

482P-4.5 Recording, issuance, and effect of certificate

482P-5 Infringement of right; use without consent; profit

or not for profit

482P-6 Infringement of right; circuit courts; injunctions;

liability for damages and profits; impoundment;

destruction; attorneys' fees

482P-7 Exemptions from use restrictions; when chapter does

not apply

482P-8 Procedure for identifying transferees, licensees, or

assignees; requirement to seek damages or relief


Revision Note


Throughout this chapter, reference to "individual's" substituted for "individual" or "individuals", as appropriate pursuant to 23G-15.



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