[481M-18] Advertisement of lease-purchase agreement. If an advertisement for a lease-purchase agreement refers to or states the dollar amount of any payment and the right to acquire ownership of any one specific item, the advertisement shall also clearly and conspicuously state the following items, as applicable:

(1) That the transaction advertised is a lease-purchase agreement;

(2) The total of payments necessary to acquire ownership; and

(3) That the lessee acquires no ownership rights if the total amount necessary to acquire ownership is not paid.

Any owner or personnel of any medium in which an advertisement appears or through which it is disseminated is not liable under this section.

This section shall not apply to an advertisement which does not refer to or state the amount of any payment, or which is published in the yellow pages of a telephone directory or in any similar directory of business. [L 1997, c 248, pt of 1]


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