481M-15 Reinstatement of agreement and repossession. (a) A lessee who breaches any lease-purchase agreement, including but not limited to the failure to make timely lease payments, shall have the right to reinstate the original lease-purchase agreement without losing any rights or options previously acquired under the lease-purchase agreement if both of the following apply:

(1) Subsequent to having failed to make a timely lease payment, the lessee has promptly surrendered the property to the lessor, in the manner as set forth in the lease-purchase agreement, and if and when requested by lessor; and

(2) Not more than thirty days have passed since the lessee returned the property; provided that if the lessee has made more than sixty per cent of the total number of payments required under the lease-purchase agreement to acquire ownership, the thirty-day period shall be extended to a sixty-day period.

(b) As a condition precedent to reinstatement of the lease-purchase agreement, a lessor may collect a reinstatement fee as set forth in subsection (d).

(c) If reinstatement occurs pursuant to this section, the lessor shall provide the lessee with either the same item leased by the lessee prior to reinstatement or a substitute item of equivalent quality and condition. If a substitute item is provided, the lessor shall provide the lessee with all the information required by section 481M-14.

(d) A reinstatement fee as provided for in this section shall equal the outstanding balance of any accrued missed payments and late charges plus an additional fee not to exceed $5. [L 1997, c 248, pt of 1; am L 2008, c 19, 35]


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