[481H-4] Disclosure. No person shall sell, offer for sale, rent, lease, or distribute any water treatment unit for use in this State unless written material which provides the following information is included with each unit:

(1) The name and mailing address of the manufacturer or distributor;

(2) The name, brand, or trademark under which the unit is sold, and its model number;

(3) A statement listing all contaminants the unit is capable of reducing from the water;

(4) The specifications of the unit, including:

(A) The filter life, if applicable;

(B) The approximate capacity of the unit, expressed in gallons or period of time, if applicable;

(C) A summary of recommended operational procedures and requirements necessary for the proper operation of the unit, including, but not limited to:

(i) Electrical requirements;

(ii) Maximum and minimum operation pressure;

(iii) Maximum operating temperature;

(iv) Flow rate;

(v) Maintenance requirements;

(vi) Replacement frequencies; and

(vii) An explanation of any performance indicator, if available;

(5) Installation instructions;

(6) The manufacturer's warranty and guarantee, if applicable;

(7) A statement that performance of the water treatment unit may vary based on local water conditions;

(8) A statement that the unit is only intended for use with potable water, if true; and

(9) A statement that all the contaminants reduced by the unit are not necessarily in the user's water supply, if true. [L 1991, c 260, pt of 1]


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