[481F-1] Definitions. Whenever used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires:

"Artist" means the person who created the image upon the master or created the image which served as a model for the image which appears on the master.

"Edition" means the aggregate of prints produced from a single master.

"Hors de Commerce" or words of similar import means prints in the edition which are so designated by the artist or printer with the intent of withholding the prints from sale in commerce at the time the edition is produced.

"Limited edition" means print multiples produced from a master, all of which include the same image and bear numbers or other markings to denote the limited production thereof to a stated maximum number of prints, or are otherwise held out as limited to a maximum number of prints.

"Master" is used in lieu of and has the same meaning as a printing plate, stone, block, screen, or similar matrix which contains an image used to produce a print multiple.

"Print multiple" or "print" means any print produced in more than one copy by means of engraving, etching, woodcutting, lithography, serigraphy, or other similar processes or any combination thereof.

"Proof" means a print in an edition which contains substantially the same image and which is produced from the same master as the prints in the related limited edition, but is set aside from and is in addition to the limited edition, whether or not it is designated as a proof.

"Seller of print multiples" or "seller" means a person who is in the business of selling, exclusively or nonexclusively, print multiples, or a person offering prints for sale who by the person's occupation holds the person's self out as having knowledge or skill peculiar to these works, or to whom that knowledge or skill may be attributed by the employment of an agent or other intermediary who by occupation represents as having that knowledge or skill. The term "seller of print multiples" includes an auctioneer who sells such works at public auction.

"Signed" means the artist signed the print multiple by hand to signify the artist's examination and approval of the print. "Signed" does not mean the act of leaving an impression of the artist's name upon the print by any mechanical process.

"Written instrument" means a written agreement, certificate of authenticity, catalogue, prospectus, advertisement, circular or any other written memorandum describing a print offered for sale by the seller. [L 1986, c 194, pt of 2]


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