[§481B-2]  Aid to handicapped, misrepresentation as to.  (a)  It shall be unlawful for any person engaging in business for profit or the person's agents to represent that proceeds from the sale or services by such person or the person's agent are for the benefit of individuals on account of their being disabled or handicapped when, in fact, the proceeds will not be so used.

     (b)  A disabled or handicapped person who solicits sales of goods or services by telephone and who represents that the person is a disabled or handicapped person shall disclose:

     (1)  The person's name and vocational rehabilitation certificate number.

     (2)  Who the person's employer is.

     (3)  The amount of remuneration or commission the person will receive from the sale of the goods or services.

     (4)  That the person represents a business for profit which is owned by persons who are not disabled or handicapped if such is the fact. [L 1969, c 213, pt of §1; gen ch 1985]