Part I. Miscellaneous Provisions


481B-1 Unsolicited goods, etc., unconditional gift

481B-1.5 Same, commercial mail order buying clubs

481B-1.6 Offers of gifts or prizes; unlawful

481B-2 Aid to handicapped, misrepresentation as to

481B-3 Certificate

481B-4 Remedies

481B-5 Repealed

481B-5.5 Returns for refunds, merchandise credits, and exchanges

481B-6 Sale of solar energy devices; disclosure requirements

481B-7 Sale of computers; disclosure requirements

481B-11 Sensitivity-awareness group seminars

481B-12 Credit repair organizations

481B-13 Gift certificates

481B-14 Hotel or restaurant service charge; hotel porterage

service charge; disposition

481B-15 Ticket brokers; fees; cancellation

481B-16 Protection of military; lending practices


Part II. Cybersquatting

481B-21 Definitions

481B-22 Cybersquatting and cyber piracy prohibited

481B-23 Determining bad faith intent

481B-24 Exceptions

481B-25 Damages and remedies


Cross References


Additional penalties for fraud committed against elders, see 480-13.5.

Financial institution name fraud, see 412:2-606.5.

Tour activity providers and activity desks, see chapter 468M.


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