481-1 Unlawful practices. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation, doing business in the State and engaged in the production, manufacture, distribution, or sale of any commodity, or product, or service, or output of a service trade, of general use or consumption, or the product or service of any public utility, with the intent to destroy the competition of any regular established dealer in the commodity, product, or service, or to prevent the competition of any person, firm, private corporation, or municipal or other public corporation, who or which in good faith, intends and attempts to become such dealer, to discriminate between different sections, communities, or cities or portions thereof, or between different locations in such sections, communities, cities, or portions thereof in this State, by selling or furnishing the commodity, product, or services at a lower rate in one section, community, or city, or any portion thereof, or in one location in such section, community, or city or any portion thereof, than in another after making allowance for difference, if any, in the grade or quality, quantity and in the actual cost of transportation from the point of production, if a raw product or a commodity, or from the point of manufacture if a manufactured product or commodity, and in the overhead cost.

Motion picture films when delivered under a lease to motion picture houses shall not be deemed to be a commodity or product of general use, or consumption, under this part. This part shall not be construed to prohibit the meeting in good faith of the rates of a competitor as herein defined, selling the same article or product, or service or output of a service trade in the same locality or trade area, or to prevent a reasonable classification of service by public utilities for the purpose of establishing rates.

The inhibition hereof against locality discrimination embraces any scheme of special rebates, collateral contracts, or any device of any nature whereby such discrimination is, in substance or fact, effected in violation of the spirit and intent of this part. [L 1937, c 223, 1; am L 1941, c 175, 1; RL 1945, 9321; RL 1955, 205-2; HRS 481-1]


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Unfair trade practices in insurance business, see chapter 431, article 13.


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Relation of federal regulation and possible antitrust exemption to state laws construed. 460 F. Supp. 1359.


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