478-3 On judgment. Interest at the rate of ten per cent a year, and no more, shall be allowed on any judgment recovered before any court in the State, in any civil suit. [CC 1859, 1481; am L 1868, p 9; am L 1898, c 4, 2; RL 1925, 3586; RL 1935, 7051; am L 1935, c 18, 1; RL 1945, 8732; RL 1955, 191-2; HRS 478-2; am L 1979, c 211, 1; am L 1981, c 9, 2; ren L 1986, c 137, pt of 1]


Cross References


Eminent domain, see 101-25, 101-33.

Commencement date of interest, see 636-16.


Case Notes


Right to prejudgment interest. 381 F.2d 965, 971, aff'g 245 F. Supp. 981.

Foreign judgment, interest on. 8 H. 335.

Rate provided by the eminent domain statute relates back to date of judgment where payment delayed more than thirty days, this section being inapplicable. 45 H. 650, 372 P.2d 348. Compare 30 H. 1, 10, where applicability of this section during the thirty day period was not appealed.

Section does not preclude prejudgment interest. 51 H. 346, 461 P.2d 140.

Decree in mortgage foreclosure action which only orders sale of mortgaged property is not a money judgment upon which statutory interest accrues. 60 H. 413, 591 P.2d 104.

Interest accrues only on judgments for an in personam liability for money on a determined amount. 60 H. 467, 591 P.2d 1060.

Not applicable to interest assessed by arbitrator as compensation or penalty to prevent further damages. 66 H. 663, 675 P.2d 760.

Section cannot be interpreted to allow postjudgment interest on 636-16 prejudgment interest. 74 H. 1, 837 P.2d 1273.

Court did not abuse its discretion under this section and 636-16 in awarding appellee ten per cent interest per annum on appellee's back pay. 74 H. 599, 851 P.2d 311.

Nothing in the language of 431:15-323 or this section precluded an award of post-judgment interest to insurance commissioner upon final judgment awarding commissioner the unpaid premiums from customer of liquidated mutual benefit society. 99 H. 53, 52 P.3d 823.

Insofar as the State has not expressly and statutorily waived its sovereign immunity from postjudgment interest in suits brought pursuant to 661-1, the State is immune from awards of postjudgment interest under this section in 661-1 actions; thus, the trial court erred in ordering that the employees' retirement system pay statutory interest at the rate of ten per cent per annum, pursuant to this section. 106 H. 416, 106 P.3d 339.

Request to appellate court to award interest on the portions of the trial court judgment that were affirmed was not appropriate, where the case was remanded for further proceedings consistent with the appellate court's holdings and the judgment awarding money damages on remand would likely not be in the amount initially awarded. 135 H. 128, 346 P.3d 197 (2015).

Section not retroactive. 3 H. App. 646, 658 P.2d 898.

Plaintiff ex-wife was entitled to post-judgment interest on the child support arrearage ex-husband owed; family court erred in failing to award interest on the principal. 97 H. 160 (App.), 34 P.3d 1059.

Where family court ordered husband to pay wife statutory interest of ten per cent per annum on the sum of $594,805 from the date the divorce decree was entered through the date of payment, husband's argument that no judgment was entered was without merit because the divorce decree was a judgment entitling wife to payment on account of the judgment. 134 H. 431 (App.), 341 P.3d 1231 (2014).

Cited: 35 H. 352, 366; 36 H. 107, 109.



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