476-20 Referral sales. Any sale of goods, services, or both, subject to this chapter, in which part of the inducement offered by the seller is a rebate, discount, commission, or other consideration exceeding forty per cent of the total sale price to be given the buyer when the buyer either sells, or gives information leading to a sale by the seller, of the same or related goods, services, or both, whether the inducement was written or oral, may be canceled by the buyer within fifteen business days after the date the contract is signed by the parties.

Upon cancellation the buyer shall have the right to receive immediate refund of all payments made and redelivery of all goods traded in to the seller on account of or in contemplation of the contract.

When the seller or holder has returned all money or property given by the buyer in the transaction, the buyer shall tender the goods to the seller or, where the latter would be impracticable or inequitable or the seller has performed services for the buyer, the buyer shall tender to the seller the reasonable value of the goods or services. At the buyer's option, tender of goods may be made at the location of the goods or at the buyer's residence. Tender of money shall be made at the designated place of business of the seller or holder. If the seller or holder does not take possession of the money or property within twenty calendar days after the buyer's tender, the buyer may keep it without further obligation.

In the alternative, if the buyer does not exercise the right to cancel a referral sale, the buyer shall have with respect thereto the remedies provided in section 476-21. [L 1984, c 86, pt of 1]


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