476 Credit Sales

   477 Disclosure of Finance Costs--Repealed

  477E Fair Credit Extension

   478 Interest and Usury

   479 Insurance Companies, Freedom of Choice of--Repealed

   480 Monopolies; Restraint of Trade

  480B Media Publications Disclosure Act

  480D Collection Practices

  480E Mortgage Rescue Fraud Prevention Act

  480F Check Cashing

  480J Installment Loans

   481 Fair Trade Regulations

  481A Uniform Deceptive Trade Practice Act

  481B Unfair and Deceptive Practices

  481C Door-to-Door Sale

  481D Going Out of Business Sales

  481E Uniform Athlete Agents Act--Repealed

  481F Sale of Prints

  481G Office Machine Products Dealerships

  481H Water Treatment Units

  481I Motor Vehicle Express Warranty Enforcement (Lemon Law)

  481J Used Motor Vehicle Sales and Warranties

  481K Assistive Technology Warranty Act

  481L Motor Vehicle Lease Disclosure Act

  481M Lease-Purchase Agreements for Personal Property

  481P Telemarketing Fraud Prevention Act

  481R Vehicle Protection Product Warrantors

  481T Relating to the Advertising of Live Musical Performances

  481X Service Contracts

  481Z Revised Uniform Athlete Agents Act

   482 Trademarks, Service Marks, and Trade Names, Registration

       and Protection of

  482B Trade Secrets

  482C Copyrights in Sound Recordings

  482D Gold and Silver Stamping

  482E Franchise Investment Law

  482P Publicity Rights

   483 Uniform Joint Obligations Act

   484 Uniform Land Sales Practices Act

   485 Uniform Securities Act (Modified)--Repealed

  485A Uniform Securities Act

   486 Measurement Standards

  486A Weight of Bread--Repealed

  486B Unfair Trade Practices by Petroleum Industry

  486D Petroleum Product Accounting Act--Repealed

  486E Fuel Distribution--Repealed

  486H Gasoline Dealers

  486I Petroleum Industry Information Reporting--Repealed

  486J Energy Industry Information Reporting Act

  486K Hotels

  486M Pawnbrokers and Secondhand Dealers

  486N Health Clubs

  486P Tobacco Products Reporting

   487 Consumer Protection

  487A Language of Consumer Transactions

  487D Retail Merchant Club Cards

  487G Uniform Employee and Student Online Privacy Protection


  487J Personal Information Protection

  487N Security Breach of Personal Information

  487R Destruction of Personal Information Records

   488 Legal Service Plans

   489 Discrimination in Public Accommodations

  489D Money Transmitters Modernization Act

  489E Uniform Electronic Transactions Act

  489J Miscellaneous Business Provisions

  489M International Trade Agreements

  489N International Matchmaking Organizations

  489P Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies

  489X Adult Products


Cross References


  Laser pointing devices, see chapter 136.






    476-1 Definitions

    476-2 Application when inconsistent with federal provisions

          or regulations

    476-3 General requirements of credit sale contracts

    476-4 Specific requirements of credit sale contracts

    476-5 Balloon payments

    476-6 Deferred payments, interest, etc.

    476-7 Contract copy to buyer; acknowledgment

    476-8 Insurance provisions

    476-9 Late charges; court costs; attorney's fees

   476-10 Blank spaces in contract; assignee without knowledge

   476-11 Catalog mail order sales

   476-12 Payment without notice of assignment

   476-13 Statement and receipt of payments

   476-14 Acceleration of time payments

   476-15 Confession of judgment; power of attorney; wage


   476-16 Waiver of illegal act; collection

   476-17 Subsequent inclusion of other security

   476-18 Appointment of agent; collection or repossession

   476-19 Preservation of buyer's rights; assignment

   476-20 Referral sales

   476-21 Failure to comply; remedy of buyer; penalty

   476-22 Cancellation of contract

   476-23 Credit upon anticipation of payments

   476-24 Additions to and consolidations of credit sale


   476-25 Prohibition of removal or sale without notice

   476-26 Removal; member of armed forces

   476-27 Fraudulent injury, concealment, removal, or sale;


   476-28 Regulation of finance charges

   476-29 Advertising in connection with credit sales

   476-30 Territorial application

   476-31 Attorney general, director of the office of consumer

          protection, or prosecutor to enforce chapter

   476-32 Short title




  Chapter heading amended by L 1984 c 86, §1.


Cross References


  Civil relief for state military forces see chapter 657D.

  Lease-purchase agreements for personal property see chapter 481M.