§471-2  License required.  No person shall engage in the practice of veterinary medicine, either gratuitously or for pay, or shall offer to so practice, or shall announce or advertise, publicly or privately, as prepared or qualified to so practice, or shall append the letters "Dr." or affix any other letters to the person's name with the intent thereby to imply that the person is a practitioner of veterinary medicine, without having a valid unrevoked license obtained from the Hawaii board of veterinary medicine; provided that nothing in this chapter prevents or prohibits the following:

     (1)  Any person from gratuitously treating animals in case of emergency;

     (2)  The owner of any animal or animals and the owner's full-time, regular employees from caring for and treating any animals belonging to the owner;

     (3)  Any student enrolled in any veterinary school or college or any employee of a veterinarian from working under the direct supervision of a veterinarian;

     (4)  Any person from practicing veterinary medicine in the employ of the United States government while engaged in the performance of the person's official duties;

     (5)  Any person licensed to engage in the practice of veterinary medicine in any jurisdiction, from practicing in the State when in consultation with veterinarians of this State; provided that the veterinarian receiving consultation shall maintain the veterinarian-client-patient relationship;

     (6)  Any farmer from giving to another farmer the assistance customarily given in the ordinary practice of animal husbandry;

     (7)  Any applicant who meets the licensing requirements of practicing veterinary medicine under a veterinarian by temporary permit; provided the applicant applies for and takes the examination scheduled by the board.  The temporary permit shall not be renewed;

     (8)  An individual licensed to engage in the practice of veterinary medicine in another jurisdiction from practicing in the State under a sponsor and indirect supervision of a veterinarian as part of an emergency response or enforcement action pursuant to chapter 711; provided that the sponsor shall file notification with the board regarding the arrival of the sponsored individual; provided further that the sponsored individual shall serve in an emergency capacity for no longer than twenty-one consecutive days; or

     (9)  Any person who has obtained a courtesy permit or relief permit pursuant to sections 471-9.5 and 471-9.6 from practicing in the State. [L 1949, c 280, pt of §1; RL 1955, §73-2; HRS §471-2; am L 1984, c 44, §1; am L 1987, c 63, §2; am L 2018, c 203, §8; am L 2022, c 71, §3]