[§468M-2.5]  Activity desk principal; responsibilities.  (a)  Each activity desk shall designate a principal who shall have direct management and supervision of the activity desk, including but not limited to compliance with sections 468M-9 and 468M-10.

     (b)  The activity desk shall designate the activity desk principal with each registration and registration renewal and shall provide notification in writing to the department within ten days after any change in the designation of the activity desk principal.

     (c)  The activity desk shall disclose the name and contact information of the activity desk principal to a client trust account beneficiary upon request.

     (d)  For purposes of this section, "principal" means a corporate officer or director, a partner in a partnership, a sole proprietor, or an individual with an ownership interest in the activity desk who shall be a signatory of any client trust account of the activity desk. [L 2015, c 61, §1]