[§468L-3]  Powers and duties of the director.  The director shall have the following powers and duties:

     (1)  To adopt, amend, and repeal rules in accordance with chapter 91 to carry out the purposes of this chapter;

     (2)  To issue and renew registrations pursuant to this chapter and to deny or refuse to renew for failure to comply with this chapter;

     (3)  To establish fees;

     (4)  To do all things necessary to carry out the functions, powers, and duties set forth in this chapter;

     (5)  Suspend or revoke any registration for any violation of this chapter; and

     (6)  Inspect and audit the books and records of any travel agency as they pertain to the deposits to and withdrawals from the trust account.  The travel agency shall immediately make available to the director such books and records as may be requested at the travel agency's place of business or at a location designated by the director.  For that purpose, the director shall have full and free access to the office and places of business of the travel agency.  The director may contract with a consultant to inspect and audit the books and records of any travel agency, the cost of which shall be borne by the travel agency if a violation of this chapter is established. [L 1991, c 285, pt of §1]