Part I.  General Provisions


    468L-1 Definitions

    468L-2 Registration and renewal

  468L-2.5 Denial of registration

  468L-2.6 Revocation, suspension, and renewal of registration

    468L-3 Powers and duties of the director

    468L-4 Statement required to be furnished to consumer

    468L-5 Client trust accounts; maintenance of and withdrawal

           from such accounts

  468L-5.5 Recordkeeping requirements for client trust accounts

  468L-5.6 Violations; summary suspension; penalties

  468L-5.7 Court action for failure to maintain client trust


    468L-6 Disclosure on airline awards

    468L-7 Consumer's rights

  468L-7.5 Prohibited acts

    468L-8 Restitution

    468L-9 Injunctions

   468L-10 Consumer right of action

   468L-11 Remedies cumulative

   468L-12 Criminal penalties


         Part II.  Charter Tour Operators

   468L-21 Charter tour operator registration as travel agency


   468L-22 Charter tour operator financial performance


   468L-23 Charter tour client trust account

   468L-24 Maintenance of charter tour operator accounts

   468L-25 Maintenance of qualified charter tour client trust

           assets by charter tour operators

   468L-26 Quarterly report filing requirements for charter tour


   468L-27 Failure by charter tour operator to file required

           reports; lack of compliance by charter tour operators;


   468L-28 Audit of charter tour operators

   468L-29 Violation of charter tour operator provisions


Cross References


  Sunset evaluations modified, see §§26H-4 and 26H-5.

  Activity providers and activity desks, see chapter 468M.