[§467-4.5]  Continuing education.  (a)  The commission shall have the authority to:

     (1)  Set content and other requirements for continuing education courses, providers, and instructors;

     (2)  Determine whether requirements have been met;

     (3)  Specify a mandatory core course, courses, or equivalencies for a licensing biennium;

     (4)  Determine how many hours of a continuing education course will be credited toward continuing education requirements for real estate licensees;

     (5)  Develop its own continuing education courses or approve courses developed by others; and

     (6)  Authorize the provision of courses taught by alternative delivery methods with interactive instructional techniques.  Interactive instructional techniques may include but are not limited to:

          (A)  The opportunity for immediate exchange with an instructor; and

          (B)  Assessment and remediation through the assistance of computer, electronic, audio, or audiovisual interactive instruction designed to internally measure and evaluate whether students have mastered stated learning objectives.

     (b)  Continuing education providers shall:

     (1)  Certify that instructors have met the commission requirements;

     (2)  Ensure that instructors are competent in the subject matter of the course and are current in their knowledge of the subject matter; and

     (3)  Ensure that the course is based on current information, laws, and rules.

     (c)  Continuing education instructors shall ensure that their courses are based on current information, laws, and rules.

     (d)  Continuing education courses shall be designed to improve a licensee's competency, or professional standards and practice and shall:

     (1)  Be offered by a provider approved by the commission and either be:

          (A)  Approved by the commission and delivered by an instructor certified by a commission-approved continuing education provider;

          (B)  A national course delivered by an instructor certified by the National Association of Realtors or its affiliates;

          (C)  A national course delivered by an instructor certified by the Building Owners and Managers Association, the Community Associations Institute, or any other national organization approved by the commission; or

          (D)  Certified by the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials;

     (2)  Be designed to allow students to exceed minimal entry level competency in the subject matter of the course including consumer protection in real estate transactions; and

     (3)  Not require an examination. [L 1999, c 47, pt of §2 as superseded by c 240, §2]