467-1 Definitions

467-1.5 Employer-employee relationship

467-1.6 Principal brokers

467-2 Exceptions

467-3 Commission, appointments, qualifications,


467-4 Powers and duties of commission

467-4.5 Continuing education

467-5 Board's employees

467-6 Place of meeting

467-7 Licenses required to act as real estate broker

and salesperson

467-7.5 License recognition

467-8 Prerequisites for license, registration, or


467-9 License, registration, certificate, and applications

467-9.5 Prerequisites for examination

467-9.6 Examination

467-10 Form of licenses, registrations, and certificates

467-11 Fees; original license and biennial renewals

467-11.5 Prerequisites for license renewal

467-12 Place of business and posting of license

467-13 Delivery of agreement

467-14 Revocation, suspension, and fine

467-15 Hearings

467-15.5 License issued after a revocation or automatic


467-16 Real estate recovery fund; use of fund; fees

467-17 Additional payments to fund

467-18 Statute of limitation; recovery from fund

467-19 Management of fund

467-20 False statement

467-21 The real estate commission has standing in court

467-22 Subrogation of rights

467-23 Waiver of rights

467-24 Maximum liability

467-25 Disciplinary action against licensee

467-25.5 Registration of schools, instructors; fees

467-26 Penalty

467-30 Registration, bonding, and other requirements for

condominium hotel operators

467-31 Repealed


Revision Note


In chapter heading, "salespersons" substituted for "salesmen".


Cross References


Sunset evaluations modified, see 26H-4 and 26H-5.

Mandatory seller disclosures in real estate transactions, see chapter 508D.


Law Journals and Reviews


Timesharing in the 1990s. I HBJ 89 (1997).


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