465D-1 Findings and declaration of necessity

465D-2 Definitions

465D-3 Behavior analyst program; established; personnel

465D-4 License required

465D-5 Powers and duties of the director

465D-6 Fees; disposition

465D-7 Exemptions

465D-8 Application for licensure

465D-9 Licensure by endorsement

465D-10 Renewal of license

465D-11 Grounds for refusal to renew, reinstate, or

restore a license and for denial, revocation,

suspension, or condition of a license




Subject to evaluation, this chapter is repealed effective June 30, 2021. See 26H-4.

Section 26H-6 shall not apply to this chapter. L 2015, c 199, 4.

Department of education; implementation plan to seek reimbursement of medicaid billable applied behavior analysis; quarterly reports. L 2018, c 205, 6.

Department of education; reports to 2017-2018 legislature on progress in complying with licensure and certification requirements of this chapter. L 2016, c 107, 3.


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