465-1 Definitions

465-2 License required

465-3 Exemptions

465-3.5 Public service employment

465-4 Board of psychology; appointment, qualifications,

term, expenses

465-5 Repealed

465-6 Powers and duties

465-7 Requirements for licensing

465-7.3, 7.4 Repealed

465-7.5 Foreign graduates

465-7.6 Licensure of state employed clinical psychologists

465-8 Licenses, issuance, display

465-9 Temporary permit

465-10 Examination waiver

465-11 Renewals; continuing education requirement

465-12 Fees; disposition

465-13 Denial, suspension, revocation of license, or

probation of a license holder

465-14, 14.5 Repealed

465-15 Prohibited acts; penalties


Cross References


Health care professionals, see chapter 451D.

Marriage and family therapists, see chapter 451J.

Mental health counselors, see chapter 453D.

Psychologists, appointment as child custody evaluators, see 571-46.4.

Sunset evaluations modified, see 26H-4 and 26H-5.


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