§464-11  Contents of certificates; use of seal mandatory when.  Each certificate of licensure issued hereunder shall bear the date of the original license and shall specify whether the person to whom it is issued is authorized by the board to practice professional engineering, architecture, land surveying or landscape architecture.

     In the case of a certificate issued to a person authorizing the person to practice professional engineering, the certificate shall furthermore indicate the major branch or branches of engineering in which the person has especially qualified.

     Every licensee may use a seal or rubber stamp of the design authorized by the board bearing the licensee's name and the words "licensed professional engineer", "licensed architect", "licensed land surveyor", or "licensed landscape architect", or otherwise as may be authorized by the board.

     All plans, specifications, maps, and reports prepared by or under the supervision of a licensed engineer, architect, surveyor, or landscape architect shall be stamped with such seal or stamp when filed with public officials.  It shall be unlawful for anyone to seal or stamp any document with such seal or stamp after the license has expired or has been revoked or suspended unless such license has been renewed or reissued.

     No official of the State nor of any political subdivision thereof, charged with the enforcement of laws or ordinances relating to the construction or alteration of buildings or structures, shall accept or approve any plans or specifications that are not stamped with the seal of a licensed architect or with the seal of a licensed engineer who has qualified in the structural engineering branch, unless the building or structure, for which the plans or specifications are submitted is exempted from this chapter, and no map or survey shall be filed in the land court unless stamped with the seal of a licensed land surveyor. [L 1923, c 227, §6; RL 1925, §3688; am L 1931, c 165, §4; am L 1933, c 134, §2; RL 1935, §7039; RL 1945, §7611; RL 1955, §166-11; HRS §464-11; am L 1970, c 85, §§1, 6; am L 1983, c 155, §7; gen ch 1985; am L 1989, c 210, §13]