462A-1 Definitions

462A-2 Repealed

462A-3 Powers and duties of the director

462A-3.5 Adequate supply of licenses

462A-4, 5 Repealed

462A-6 Duration and renewal of license

462A-7 Repealed

462A-8 Denial, suspension, or revocation

462A-9 Exhibition of license

462A-10 Piloting without a license

462A-11 Rates of pilotage

462A-12, 13 Repealed

462A-14 Lien for pilotage fees

462A-15 Pilot association

462A-16 Repealed

462A-17 Description of pilotage waters

462A-18 Vessels required to take a pilot

462A-19 Exempt vessels

462A-20 Repealed


Cross References


Sunset evaluations modified, see 26H-4 and 26H-5.


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