461-1 Definitions

     461-2 Board of pharmacy; appointment; qualifications

     461-3 Records

     461-4 Repealed

   461-4.5 Powers and duties

     461-5 Qualifications for license

     461-6 Examination; license

     461-7 Temporary license

     461-8 Renewal of licenses; continuing education


   461-8.5 Reciprocity

   461-8.6 Wholesale prescription drug distributor license

     461-9 Pharmacist in charge; pharmacy personnel

    461-10 Pharmacies

  461-10.2 Return for disposal of unused, remaining, or expired

           drugs; pharmacy options

  461-10.5 Repealed

    461-11 Duties of registered pharmacist

  461-11.4 Vaccinations; children

  461-11.5 Repealed

  461-11.6 Contraceptive supplies; authority to prescribe and

           dispense; requirements

  461-11.8 Opioid antagonist; authority to prescribe and

           dispense; requirements

    461-12 Adequate equipment

    461-13 Prescription record

    461-14 Permits for operation of pharmacy

    461-15 Miscellaneous permits

    461-16 Fees for permits and licenses; renewal

  461-16.5 Repealed

    461-17 Penalties

    461-18 Right of injunction

    461-19 Application of law

    461-20 Poison law not amended

    461-21 Disciplinary action

  461-21.5 Discipline based on action taken by another state

           or federal agency; conditions; prohibition on


    461-22 Cumulative remedies




  Prescription drug benefits, mail order opt out option; reports to legislature (2014-2015); applicability.  L 2013, c 226, §§4, 5, 8.


Cross References


  Board of pharmacy licensure or regulatory requirements not applicable to medical use of cannabis, see §329-131.

  Expedited partner therapy, see chapter 453, pt III.

  Health care professionals, see chapter 451D.

  Prescription drug benefits, see chapter 431R.

  Prescription drugs; mail order opt out option, see §87A-16.3.

  Sale of sterile syringes for prevention of diseases, see §325-21.

  Sunset evaluations modified, see §§26H-4 and 26H-5.


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