460J-1 Definitions

   460J-2 Pest control board

   460J-3 Powers and duties of board

  460J-4, 5 Repealed

   460J-6 Licenses required

   460J-7 Investigation permitted

   460J-8 License requirements

 460J-8.5 Requirements to maintain license

   460J-9 Application; fees

  460J-10 Form for licenses

  460J-11 Place of business and posting of license

  460J-12 Classification of branches of pest control;

          examinations; rules; subjects of examination; passing


  460J-13 Examination; operator's license

  460J-14 Fees; biennial renewal; inactive license

  460J-15 Revocation, suspension, and refusal of renewal of

          licenses; prohibition against certain offenses, etc.

  460J-16 Hearings

  460J-17 Death or dissociation

  460J-18 Repealed

  460J-19 Termite control contracts and written inspection

          reports; form and contents; filing and delivery;

          control service; control service contract

  460J-20 Document expressing an opinion or making

          statement regarding the presence or absence of

          termites; contents

  460J-21 Fumigation under supervision

  460J-22 Fumigation job log; preservation and inspection

  460J-23 Pest control

460J-23.5 Subcontracting

  460J-24 Application of soil treatment pest control work

460J-24.5 Nonchemical pest control devices efficacy and safety

          data; examination and testing; approval prior to sale,

          lease, or transfer of devices in the State

  460J-25 Insurance

  460J-26 Exemptions

  460J-27 Penalties for unlicensed acts

460J-27.5 Advertising

  460J-28 Administrative penalties

  460J-29 Penal sanctions

  460J-30 Remedies or penalties cumulative

  460J-31 Repealed


Cross References


  Sunset evaluations modified, see §§26H-4 and 26H-5.