[§457J-8]  Application for license as a midwife.  To obtain a license under this chapter, the applicant shall provide:

     (1)  An application for licensure;

     (2)  The required fees;

     (3)  Proof of current, unencumbered certification as a:

          (A)  Certified professional midwife; or

          (B)  Certified midwife;

     (4)  For certified professional midwives, proof of a successful completion of a formal midwifery education and training program that is either:

          (A)  An educational program or pathway accredited by the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council; or

          (B)  A midwifery bridge certificate issued by the North American Registry of Midwives for certified professional midwife applicants who either obtained certification before January 1, 2020, through a non-accredited pathway, or who have maintained licensure in a state that does not require accredited education;

     (5)  If applicable, evidence of any licenses held or once held in other jurisdictions indicating the status of the license and documenting any disciplinary proceedings pending or taken by any jurisdiction;

     (6)  Information regarding any conviction of any crime which has not been annulled or expunged; and

     (7)  Any other information the department may require to investigate the applicant's qualifications for licensure. [L 2019, c 32, pt of §2]