[§457J-7]  Fees.  (a)  Each applicant shall pay a licensing fee upon application for an initial license or renewal of a license.  Fees collected pursuant to this section or by rule adopted under this section shall be nonrefundable.

     (b)  Pursuant to section 26-9(l), the director may establish fees to restore a license, penalty fees, and any other fees required for the administration of this chapter by rule.

     (c)  All fees collected pursuant to this chapter shall be deposited by the director to the credit of the compliance resolution fund established pursuant to section 26-9(o).

     (d)  Fees assessed pursuant to this chapter shall be used to defray costs incurred by the department in implementing this chapter.

     (e)  The director may assess fees as provided in this chapter and section 26-9 and, notwithstanding any other law to the contrary, may change the amount of the fees required by this section at any time without regard to chapter 91, if the director:

     (1)  Holds at least one public hearing to discuss and take testimony on the proposed fee change; and

     (2)  Provides public notice at least thirty days prior to the date of the public hearing. [L 2019, c 32, pt of §2]